Overwhelming Joy

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Joy. The word that describes the atmosphere when the walls of Jerusalem had been re-built. The people were willing to offer “great sacrifices,” because of this “great joy.” It was a joy shared by everyone, men, women, and even children. Their sound was so loud that “the joy of Jerusalem was heard from afar.”

The Hebrew word here was used repeatedly to describe the spirit of the people. They celebrated a great festival (vs. 12). Because of their obedience to God and the celebration of His feasts, “there was great rejoicing” (v. 17). People came from everywhere to celebrate “with gladness” (v. 27).

This joy did not mean that every problem had been solved, or that their enemies had disappeared. But they realized that God really was with them, in every situation. Because of His presence, they could be joyful—no matter what they faced.

Previously, they had been discouraged. They realized that they had not been diligent, or worked with excellence. They had found excuses for giving to God’s work and hoarded their resources.

But they found that “the joy of the Lord is your strength” (Nehemiah 8:10). That there was joy in giving to God from their resources. They could have a joy that came from God, that gave them strength and lifted their spirits. A joy possible because they had faith in Him.

Are you discouraged by circumstances? Do you feel the weight of burdens, or overwhelmed by challenges? Learn from Nehemiah. Commit every situation to God. Trust Him. Obey His Word. Be faithful with the resources you have been given. Let Him fill you with joy!