Overtaken by Blessings

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Many Israelites were filled with uncertainty as they were about to enter the Promised Land. Ahead, they knew there were “giants” in the land, but also many other unknowns. What would they face? What would happen?

At this critical moment, Moses declared that God already had prepared blessings for them. He was ready to give them victory and overwhelming favor. But he also made clear that their actions would determine whether or not they received these blessings.

Over 14 verses, we read details of the kind of blessings they could expect if they obeyed God. But the next 53 verses describe the curses that would result from the wrong decisions. There were consequences to their actions, and blessings only would result if they made the right choices.

The principles Moses described remain true: God still promises blessings, but only if we listen to Him and diligently obey Him. In fact, His blessings will be so overwhelming that they’ll take hold of us. We literally will be overtaken with blessings. That is how much He wants to bless us!

Every day, we have important decisions to make. If we make the right choices, we will be blessed. But if we make the wrong choices, we will suffer the consequences and fail to receive God’s blessings.

Do you want God’s blessings in your life? Start by committing your life to Him. Make Jesus your Lord. Fill your life with His Word, and seek to obey Him. Seek to listen carefully to the leading of the Spirit. Then expect His blessings. And know that He longs to bless you.