Overcoming Excuses

Overcoming Excuses

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

We are naturally conscious of our limitations and often feel we are held back because of resources we don’t have or abilities that seem limited. We can easily find ourselves hiding behind these limits, making excuses. The Bible uses illustrations from nature to show how we can overcome what seem to be disadvantages.

If we feel weak and overwhelmed, we need to consider ants. They don’t give up but seek to be efficient with the opportunities they have.

Like rock badgers, we could point to a lack of resources. Although these creatures “aren’t powerful,” they don’t complain (v. 26). Instead, they are resourceful.

Like locusts, we may not have a clear sense of direction. But instead of feeling paralyzed, they work together, accomplishing great things through teamwork.

Like lizards, we can feel too small to make a difference. But these creatures use their size to their advantage. Rather than giving in to fear and frustration, they act with ingenuity and creativity.

You may face obstacles that seem impossible to overcome. You may not have the resources you need. Defeat may seem inevitable. But the Bible urges you to learn from these small creatures. Ask God to help you to plan. Work with others. Be inventive and creative. Find ways to use the resources you have. Don’t accept defeat or discouragement. Allow God to use the time, talents, and treasures He has given you to bring you victory and success.