Our Stubborn Ways

Our Stubborn Ways

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

God was ready to bless His people. They should have been confident! Throughout their history, He had protected and provided for them. He delivered them when they were in trouble. He answered when they called. He established them and gave them a testimony for all to see. He provided for them and removed their burdens.

He was prepared to do even more for them. He would “subdue their enemies” and bring victory over those who opposed them. He would supply their needs in abundance, feeding them “with the finest of wheat” and satisfy them “with honey from the rock” (vs. 14-16).

But He also studied how they responded to their challenges. Did they worship Him alone? Or did they drift away, seeking other gods? He specifically tested them to see how they would respond, what they really believed (v. 7).

We follow these same patterns in our own lives. The Bible promises that God is ready to bless and protect us and provide for our needs. But He looks to see the condition of our hearts. How do we respond to life’s challenges? Do we seek first His kingdom? Are we sensitive to His leading and obedient to His Word? Or are we stubborn and determined to go our own way?

Make sure you do not resist God and go your own ways. Don’t refuse to follow Him. Submit to Him. Make Jesus the Lord of your life.