Opportunities to Connect

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Tea has been central to life in China for hundreds of years. According to The Book of Tea, “tea began as a medicine and grew into a beverage.” Grown in China and other areas of the East before being introduced into the West, tea developed into an important business. Symbolizing a philosophy of life, it also became a social drink (and helped define social standing).

Gradually, establishments were created, called “teahouses,” that attracted people from broader backgrounds. These became meeting places, and even influenced the spread of the Gospel.

Authors Alan and Iris MacFarlane observe that these teahouses “were the seeds from which grew missionary movements.” The first meeting of some mission societies took place over cups of tea.

Much like coffee in our culture, tea remains a point of contact, not just a beverage but an experience, the focal point of conversation and fellowship. In a similar way, the Bible reminds us of how often food and drink were central to the ministry of Jesus.

As we see when He accepted the invitation to dine with a Pharisee, the opportunity to eat and drink were opportunities to talk and teach, to break down barriers and establish friendships, and to minister to people in personal, often intimate ways.

Today, remember that there are people all around you who need encouragement and fellowship. Others just are looking for someone who cares. Some may never have even heard the Gospel for the first time, and need to know how Jesus can change their lives.

In your life, be sensitive to the leading of the Spirit. Look for opportunities to connect with people, perhaps through lunch or dinner, or perhaps just a cup of tea or coffee. Pray that God would open up doors of ministry for you.