Opportunities to Testify

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The case seemed solid. On the surface, Paul clearly was guilty and had no chance of winning. His accusers had evidence confirmed by credible witnesses, the kind of people the governor tended to believe.

At the same time, Paul seemed to be without a defense. He stood alone as Jerusalem’s religious leadership was represented by Tertullus, an articulate, respected attorney. After he laid out his case, the religious leaders “joined in the attack.”

What a hopeless scenario this could have seemed! In his flesh, Paul might have been afraid or worried. But, instead, depending on God and the Holy Spirit, he presented a bold, decisive defense, rebutting every charge with clarity and tact.

Perhaps the most important part of this trial was that it provided Paul with the opportunity to share the Gospel and give his testimony. He could publicly share how Jesus had changed his life. And because of the importance of his case, his audience included the highest ranking people in the nation—not just the governor and high-ranking aides, but also key religious leaders.

Every word he spoke had the opportunity to resonate in the hearts and minds of these people. And this process continued in every trial he faced. Every time he faced accusation or simply had a conversation, he had an opportunity to testify about how Christ changed his life.

Today, what opportunities has God given you? On the surface, you may face opposition and go through trials and tests. But remember that each situation presents you with an opportunity to be His witness and testify to His work in your life.