Opportunities and Initiative

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Franz Joseph Haydn seemed to have the perfect situation. Secure in the relationship with his master, Prince Nikolaus Esterhazy, Haydn had free reign to supervise musical activities at the prince’s estate in eastern Austria. It would seem that he could have coasted. But, instead, Haydn pushed the boundaries, challenging himself, exploring and developing.

In spite of a grueling schedule, for nearly 30 years he continued to innovate, writing masterpiece after masterpiece, music that set new standards and innovated styles and forms. His list of accomplishments stagger the imagination. By the time he left the employment of the Esterhazy family, he had become a superstar, among the most famous men in Europe.

On the surface, no one would have predicted this success. Born in 1732 into a very average family, he distinguished himself as a child only through his excellent singing voice. But throughout his life, he demonstrated the importance of initiative, taking full advantage of his opportunities, and developing his abilities to the greatest extent possible.

Many people go through life failing to take this kind of initiative. The Bible describes these people as “sluggards.” These people do the minimum, and fail to develop their time and resources. Lacking sense, their “fields” become “overgrown” with weeds. They are lazy, resting when they should be working.

Each of us is like that field, filled with potential. But we have choices about what we grow. What we do. Where we go.

In your life, ask God to help you be a person who shows initiative, putting into use the talents and resources you have been given.