Open Your Eyes

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Tea has become synonymous with the lifestyle in Great Britain, where it has been estimated that 130 million cups are consumed every day. This craving developed over many centuries, and was a key ingredient in the development of the British empire with leaves imported from China, India, and other far-off lands.

But perhaps the most important spark in this growth took place in June 1908: the invention of the tea bag.

Up until that time, various devices had been used for brewing tea, including perforated metal containers in which loose leaves were immersed in water, and then removed using an attached chain. Then, almost by accident, every changed.

This change took place when Thomas Sullivan, a New York tea merchant, was sending samples of tea to his customers in small silk bags. Some customers assumed that these were supposed to be used in the same way as metal infusers. They simply put the entire bag into the pot, rather than emptying out the contents. And as they immersed these bags, the tea bag was born! And the advantages quickly became apparent.

While these bags became popular in the U.S., many British tea lovers were suspicious and reluctant to change. But eventually bags became the standard way tea was sold. Today, bagged tea can be bought in countless varieties. A revolution spawned by an accidental discovery.

How often great discoveries have been the result of accidents like this. In fact, we never know what lies around the corner. Or what doors we might open by “accident.”

As Believers we are urged to remember that the world is filled with mysteries yet to be discovered. That God can open our eyes at any time. That He can use anyone, particularly those sensitive to His Spirit.

Ask Him to teach you. Be ready. Listening and available. With Him, nothing is impossible. And He can use you!