One Step at a Time

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

God’s people were oppressed. It seemed impossible for them to escape the repressive hand of the Philistines. Desperate, they called out to Him for deliverance. In their own minds, they might have imagined how He might help them. He might raise a mighty army to drive out their enemies, or send an angel to slay the Philistine soldiers. Instead, He called and prepared one man, Samson, to lead Israel to freedom.

He spoke to the child’s mother before he was conceived, laying out his destiny. And, He detailed the preparation that this child would need. God said that He would begin to deliver Israel. In fact, His deliverance began by calling this one man for a special assignment, and then bringing him through years of preparation.

When we seek God’s help in solving our problems, we may hope that He will answer our prayers decisively, immediately, and completely. And sometimes He may give us these instant results. But often He answers our prayers and solves our problems one step at a time. Through preparation and process. And long-term solutions.

Today, when you seek God in prayer, remember that He is concerned with more than just your immediate needs. He is doing a work in you. He is helping you grow and mature. He wants to correct your mistakes and prepare you for ministry and greater blessing. And He may well answer your prayers one step at a time.