One Body

One Body

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

While considering ways to improve the efficiency of his automobile plans, Henry Ford observed techniques that had revolutionized the meat-packing industry. In 1913, he decided to apply these techniques to chassis assembly.

The Encyclopedia Britannica notes that within one year, Ford had significantly reduced the time required for each chassis. His methods significantly lowered the price of automobiles, making them more affordable for average buyers.

Despite the increase in productivity, some of Ford’s workers became concerned with the dull, repetitive nature of many assembly-line jobs. These techniques became a serious point of contention between labor and management. Today, manufacturers still battle to find the proper balance between achieving productivity and giving worth to individuals.

It can be hard for many people, including many Christians, to find value and meaning. Paul put this in context by saying that we all are Christ’s body, but we each do different things. While some receive more recognition than others, each person plays an important role. Even those behind the scenes, who may never be noticed, have a part.

Today, remember that you are special to God. He has given you unique resources and a vital place in the Lord s body. Don’t grumble or complain about your part, but seek to stay faithful. Commit your life and resources to God and His kingdom. Remember that He knows what you are doing, and will reward you based on your faithfulness.