Occupying the Land

Occupying the Land

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The Israelites had entered the Promised Land, but many areas had not been conquered. Their leader, Joshua, was old. They needed to have a concrete plan to finish taking full possession of their land.

God gave Joshua clear directions, detailing areas still needing to be conquered. He even promised to drive out their adversaries. The task of these Israelites was to occupy their territory. They needed to move forward, confident that He would give them victory.

This assignment required faith, believing that He would keep His Word. Acting as if this was fact, the Israelites were to divide the land according to His directions to prepare for occupation.

This is a picture of the life of faith. As the Bible makes clear, God has given us amazing promises. But to receive the fulfillment of these promises, we need to act in faith! The Bible reminds us that faith must be proven by actions. If faith is not accompanied by works, it is “dead.” We show others the reality of our faith by what we do (James 2:17-18).

God looks for people who live by faith. Faith to believe that His promises are true. Faith to move forward to occupy the land. Faith to trust Him. Don’t be weak or timid or allow doubt and fear to rob you of the inheritance God has promised. Seize the moment! Move forward in faith. Be confident. Ever trust in Him.