Obedience and Righteousness

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

For Matthew, Joseph was the central character in the unfolding story about Jesus’ birth. In Matthew’s account, Joseph was referred to eight times in the opening passage, while Mary was referred to by name five times. Mary would be the central character in Luke’s Gospel. But through Matthew’s eyes, we think about Joseph’s role, and all he went through.

Joseph was praised for “being a righteous man.” He faced the challenge of reacting to Mary, after learning she was pregnant. It was Joseph who did not want “to disgrace her,” who, thinking about the best way to treat the woman he loved, “planned to send her away secretly.” And it was Joseph to whom God sent an angel who told him to take Mary as his wife.

These events reveal that Joseph was a “righteous man.” He was interested in doing the right thing. When others expected him to react with horror after discovering that his bride-to-be was pregnant, he was willing to make sure that she was not disgraced.

We see him as a man of compassion and courage, willing to stand up to the crowds and resist pressure. He was spiritually sensitive, and willing to focus on God’s call, continuing to follow His leading, determined to complete his mission.

Joseph exemplifies key traits that we expect in a real man of God. A man who proved worthy for an exceptional assignment, and who completed that assignment perfectly. An example for us of obedience and a commitment to righteousness.

In your life, seek to follow his example.