Nothing Undone

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

In November 1665, at the age of 23, Isaac Newton wrote a manuscript that summarized his discoveries about measuring geometric curves. In the process, he became the first person to grasp the principles that would come to be called “calculus.” But few seemed to grasp the importance of this discovery. In fact, Newton became discouraged and distracted by other interests.

In his book about “calculus wars,” Jason Bardi describes how Newton simply “lost his taste for publishing.” The revolutionary concepts he discovered didn’t seem to matter. He just wanted to move on, not realizing that his lack of initiative would embroil him in controversy.

Meanwhile, in 1675, Gottfried Leibniz developed his own version of calculus. In fact, he coined the word “calculus” itself. However, in contrast to Newton, Leibniz seized the initiative and published his discoveries. As a result, he gained the credit and became known as the father of calculus.

Gradually, a kind of war broke out between Newton and Leibniz (and their supporters). Who, in fact, had invented calculus? Had there been plagiarism? Who should receive the credit? Eventually, Leibniz was recognized for his unique contributions, but it was widely agreed that Newton first developed the basic concepts. But the “war” would never have been necessary if Newton simply had published his discoveries.

How many problems emerge because of things that we have left undone? In contrast, the Bible gives us the example of Joshua, who knew that “he left nothing undone.” He completed all the tasks he had been given.

Today, what has God called you to do? Have you squandered any opportunities, or are you being faithful? Don’t leave anything undone. Dedicate yourself to completing your God-given assignments. Seek to be a faithful servant.