Nothing but the Finest

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

God commanded the Israelites to bring grain offerings. This grain represented a special way they depended on Him. The grain they offered required good soil, the right seeds, the right amount of water and nourishment, time spent rooting out weeds, and protection from storms.

After so much work, farmers knew their harvest was precious. They could be tempted to keep the grain for themselves. But by making this offering, they recognized that they owed their entire harvest to God. It was the byproduct of His blessing.

This could not be ordinary flour but had to be only the finest, best flour. By bringing this grain, they recognized that God controlled their destiny. They depended on Him for everything.

The grain offering provides an important model for us. In our own ways, we can look at our resources, think about all we have invested, and be tempted to keep the best for ourselves. But we need to understand that these offerings are key to entering a world of blessings. They open the door to God’s favor.

Remember, you, too, owe everything to God. When you make an offering, you are acknowledging that you need Him. You are celebrating His faithfulness. You believe His promises. These offerings are investments.

Dedicate yourself to investing in God’s Kingdom. As you sow seeds, you will learn how much you can trust God. Always be sure to give Him your best.