Nothing but a Slave

Nothing but a Slave

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

How did Paul define himself? He had never been to Rome and did not know most of these people. When writing to believers in Rome, he had a perfect opportunity, so he chose to define himself as a slave of Jesus Christ.

In Greek, this letter opens with two words: Paulos doulos. Simply, “Paul, a bondservant.” Or, more accurately, “Paul, a slave.” He used words that defined who he was and that were an important key to the Gospel.

These concepts were familiar to everyone in Rome, for this city and society were dominated by slaves. As Roman rule expanded, the number of slaves increased.

Paul was stating in unmistakable terms that he was subject to Jesus and had submitted his personal will to Him! This attitude defined his life and his ministry.

These opening words of the letter set an important tone for who Paul was. Through his example, he was underscoring an attitude that all believers should seek to adopt.

Jesus also taught this principle, telling His disciples that people in the world seek to enhance their reputation and “exercise authority.” But greatness in the kingdom of God requires the attitude of a servant. Those who wish to be first must seek to serve others (Matthew 20:25-27).

Paul’s words are powerful reminders that all of us are called to be servants. Throughout our lives, we should seek to serve God and others and be committed to follow His call.