No Limits

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Society often celebrates the achievements of youth. It promotes prodigies and encourages academic achievements. But some who never achieve these youthful glories feel that they have failed. That doors have closed permanently.

Yet, as a recent report in Forbes Magazine confirmed, the truth is that many great achievements have been made by men and women in their later years, or who were not youthful superstars.

In the 2015 Super Bowl, for example, neither team “had a five-star recruit in their starting lineup.” In other words, none had been considered a top-rated prospect. And the star quarterbacks for both teams were relatively low-round draft choices.

In fact, the report identified how some of the most successful business leaders of our time were late bloomers. Among America’s most successful companies, several were started by college drop-outs. Other “founders” attended low-profile schools.

The message? It’s never too late. And, for those serving God, all things are possible.

The Bible is filled with examples of people who did great things later in life. Moses was over eighty when he led Israel out of bondage. Abraham and Sarah became parents of Isaac when both were in advanced years.

And God often used unlikely people to achieve His purposes. He called Gideon (whose family was “the least in Manasseh”) to deliver His people. He raised up Amos (just a sheepherder) to be His prophet. He called Jeremiah, who doubted God could use him. When choosing disciples, Jesus called not scholars or religious leaders but fishermen.

The message is that God can use you. Regardless of your age. No matter what your education or background. Commit your life to Him. He can provide all that you need. He can give you ideas, wisdom, and favor. All He asks is your faith and your faithfulness. Your willingness to believe and trust Him.