A New Creation

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Samuel Morris was the only native African on board a ship crossing the Atlantic in September 1891. He had agreed to work to pay for his passage on the trip to the U.S., but the crew had strong prejudices against Africans. He frequently was beaten and given dangerous assignments.

Abuse was not new to Samuel. His birth name was “Kaboo,” and his father was a tribal chief in Liberia (in western Africa). As a boy, he was captured by a rival clan. During one of the many moments of torture, he saw a bright light and heard a voice telling him to flee.

Somehow he escaped into the jungle, making his way to Monrovia, Liberia’s capital. There, he heard a missionary speak about Paul’s conversion. Thinking about his own experiences, Kaboo related to Paul’s story and committed his life to Christ. He was baptized as “Samuel Morris,” a name suggested by the missionary.

Growing in faith, he particularly desired to learn more about the Holy Spirit. He decided to go to America to meet Stephen Merritt, a pastor whose works he had read. He tried to put into practice all he knew about the Spirit. Trusting Him completely, Samuel walked to Robertsport, Liberia’s port city. Looking for a ship heading for America, he found a willing captain but the man was not kind or encouraging.

During the difficult ocean voyage, his faith never wavered. Throughout the journey, the crew heard him sing Gospel songs and saw him praying. And by the time the ship docked in New York, the captain and most of the crew had accepted Christ because of his witness.

His story demonstrates the supernatural ways God can change lives and use anyone for His Kingdom. Commit your life to Him. Have faith. And seek to be led by His Spirit.