Never Ashamed

Never Ashamed

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

David was concerned about being ashamed. We might assume he was thinking about sins or questionable actions. But David displayed another perspective.

The Hebrew word here suggests being disappointed. He thought he had not trusted God completely. He thought he had set a bad example that others might follow.

David used the same word to declare how he took refuge in God, knowing He would “put to shame” those who opposed him (Psalm 14:6). David this word used four times in Psalm 25, confirming that he trusted in God, praying that he would not be ashamed.

In Psalm 31, David was concerned with his response to opposition. The shame was possible if he reacted in the wrong way. His cry was, “Let me never be ashamed.” Ultimately, David knew that he would not feel shame because he took refuge in the Lord. He was David’s “fortress” and his “rock of strength” (v. 3-4). He prayed instead, “Let the wicked be put to shame” (v. 17).

We might feel ashamed in many ways. But, as David discovered, we can feel shame if we react to problems with fear and worry rather than faith or when we realize others might follow our example and drift away from Him.

Today, make sure that you trust in Him. Be confident in Him and an example of faith to others, so you will not feel ashamed.