Mourning into Dancing

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

David faced many problems and confronted many enemies. He battled sickness and discouragement. At times, his burdens were so heavy that he wept all night. He felt “dismayed” as he made mistakes and experienced God’s anger. And he knew how it felt when God hid His face.

But everything changed when he humbled himself and called on the Lord. David asked God to hear him, to “be gracious,” and to be his “helper.”

David discovered that God could change his circumstances. He could turn the moments of mourning into times of celebration. He could lift darkness and replace it with light. He could change hopelessness into hope.

Because of this, David could be confident instead of fearful about his circumstances. He could become so radiant that he sang songs of praise. Instead of cursing his circumstances or wallowing in anguish, he could be filled with thanksgiving.

How easily we can become absorbed in the emotions of the moment. Reacting to daily events, we can become saturated with anger or bitterness, fear or worry.

But everything can change when we commit these situations to God. He can give us victory, no matter what the issue…no matter what adversaries and obstacles we face…no matter what is going on in the world…no matter how hopeless things may appear to our natural minds. Instead of being worried and afraid, we can trust in the Lord. He can turn around any situation.

Today, allow God to turn your mourning into dancing. Let Him fill your heart with joy and confidence. Don’t allow the flesh or the world to dominate your life, but let God change you…renew you…and revive you. Don’t be silent, but give Him thanks.