Morning and Night

Morning and Night

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

It had been a particularly complex time in England, marked by civil war. Even believers like Jeremy Taylor faced ongoing challenges. Born in Cambridge, England, on this day in 1613, he had distinguished himself as a student and later a professor at Oxford University before eventually moving to Ireland.

The crises of his times helped drive him deeper in faith. He expressed insights through his devotional writings, particularly in a book he wrote about holy living. Here, he encouraged believers to realize that a key to successful living was how we start and end each day.

He encouraged readers, “When you awake, accustom yourself to think first upon God.” Then at night, “Let Him close thine eyes.” This focus is essential for healthful sleep and preparation to make life fruitful and balanced.

He influenced readers to avoid idleness and to be diligent. They were to be careful about the people they associated with, and always to look for opportunities to fill “spaces of time” in prayer, reading, and doing works of charity. They were to avoid sin and bad habits, develop the gifts God had given them, learn to “know the worth of time, and the manner how well to improve a day.”

Remember the importance of spending time with God, particularly in the morning and at night each day. He can give you peace for any challenge. Trust Him to help you make wise decisions.