Morally Wrong

Morally Wrong

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The Bible often speaks about the “wicked.” Reading this word, our thoughts can turn to extremes. We might picture people who commit horrible crimes or practice ungodly actions. We might think of violent people who do reprehensible things, or who persecute believers and actively fight against our faith. We can assume that this does not apply to us.

Yet the Hebrew word used here has a broader application, conveying a sense of being morally wrong. This background provides us with a slightly different perspective on the Bible’s meaning. Here the focus is not just on the “wicked,” but in a broad sense all who are “morally wrong.” In fact, these warnings apply to all of us. Any of us can be wrong.

How does someone become morally wrong? This can happen when we take the Lord for granted and fail to seek Him – when we neither “seek nor inquire for Him.

We can become spiritually adrift, not rooted in His Word. Without a solid foundation, we can decide to believe what we want to believe or just do what we want. When we stop being concerned about His standards and go our own way.

How can we be sure that we are “morally right”? This starts by making God the focal point of our lives. Filling our minds with His Word and applying His principles in everything we do. Being sensitive to His Spirit. Making Jesus the Lord. Being people of prayer, submitting our lives to Him. Humbling ourselves before Him and seeking to be free from pride.