Moral Compromise

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Many people live according to “situation ethics,” a concept made famous by Joseph Fletcher in the 1960s. This lifestyle rejects the concept of moral absolutes. It’s a philosophy advocated by men like British writer, Somerset Maugham, who once wrote, “No action is in itself good or bad, but only such according to convention.” Those with this belief have no reservations about living according to “free love”—doing whatever they want, without concern for God, His Word, or eternity.

Judah, the son of Jacob, chose to live according to this lack of values. Even though he had been taught about God, Judah felt completely justified in having sex with a woman he assumed to be a prostitute. He didn’t realize this woman was his own daughter-in-law, Tamar.

Motivated by anger, Judah had forgotten his promise to give her his son, Shelah, as a husband.

When Tamar became pregnant, she was condemned by people throughout the community. Judah joined in the condemnation—until Tamar revealed he was the father. Suddenly, Judah realized he was living with a double standard. He had compromised God’s standards…he was guilty.

Judah’s brother, Joseph, also had an opportunity to compromise, when the wife of his Egyptian master, Potiphar, tried to seduce him. Joseph, however, chose not to compromise, and he rejected her overtures. He knew she was asking him to do a “great evil” and “sin against God” (Genesis 39:7-10).

Today, we live in a world dominated by situation ethics. Many are willing to ignore the Word of God and compromise their convictions. Unfortunately, they are following the example of Judah. Instead, God wants us to be like Joseph: strong, resolved, and unwilling to compromise.

Make sure you are committed to God. Fill your life with His Word and live by it, no matter what others say or do.