Moments That Change Everything

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

There are moments when everything changes. When, as it were, a “light bulb” is turned on and we see the world in a new way. When we are willing to lay aside our closed minds and fixed opinions, and ready to receive a fresh word from God. A new revelation.

Consider Peter, spending time on the coastal city of Joppa. Simply following the traditions of his people, he assumed that the Gospel only was for the Jews. Then, God got his attention, through a dramatic intervention: A disturbing vision.

Although “greatly perplexed” about its meaning, he was ready and open when the Spirit spoke to him. He was willing to go with the men sent by Cornelius, a Roman soldier. Without the vision, he likely would not have gone.

But more change was to come. As he told these men about the Gospel, the Spirit fell upon them. Observing with amazement, Peter realized that the Gospel was for everyone, and “ordered” that these men be baptized.

This presents us with a pattern that can help us recognize these moments of revelation. First, we must remember that all of us are imperfect. Our understanding and conclusions are imperfect. The knowledge of even the wisest person is only partial.

As we understand our limits, we should seek to live with humble hearts and minds. Always teachable. Hungry for God. Eagerly digging into His Word. Listening for His voice. Sensitive to the Spirit.

Like Peter, with a vital relationship with God, available for His leading, ready to respond as He leads. And, because he was available and listened, he received unexpected revelation that changed his life, and changed the world.

Maybe that could be your story, too.