August 28, 2022

Mixing with Nations

Daily Devotional2 Minutes

“Ephraim is himself thrown about with the nations; Ephraim has become a round loaf not turned over. Strangers devour his strength, yet he does not know it; gray hairs also are sprinkled on him, yet he does not know it.” – Hosea 7:8-9 NASB

Why did Israel (“Ephraim”) have so many problems? Hosea warned that they had become polluted by the attitudes of people around them. They should have recognized how far they had drifted from God, but they had become proud and spiritually blind. They needed to return to the Lord and seek Him.

Instead of focusing on God, they had “become like a gullible dove, without sense” (v. 11). God had provided a sure foundation, but they had become unstable, not even sure of what they believed or whom to trust.

Israel demonstrated a pattern that is still true: It is easy to focus on kings, resources, powerful reputations, and articulate personalities. We often become self-centered and stop seeking the Lord. The Bible urges us to trust God all the time. We should never become self-confident or allow our lives to be influenced by ungodly ideas. We need to stay humble before Him and depend on Him.

Ask God to examine your life. Has the world corrupted you? Have you become proud? Are you trusting in the people or resources around you, or are you depending on Him and seeking first His Kingdom?

Today evaluate your loyalties and priorities. How are you spending your time? Your resources? If you have drifted, return to Him. Seek God with your whole heart. Humble yourself before Him. Recommit your life to Him. Fill your mind with His Word. Depend on Him!

Reflection Question: Are you trusting anything or anyone more than God?

Father, search my heart and mind. Root out anything that is displeasing to You. I give You first place in my life. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Today's Bible Reading
Hosea 7