Missing Out

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Until Satan sowed seeds of doubt, Eve only had known God’s promises and His faithfulness. The devil tried to convince her that obeying God was depriving her of pleasures, experiences, and knowledge. He wanted her to believe that God was being dishonest and holding her back.

Satan convinced Eve that he offered the best way to live. By obeying the Lord, she felt she was missing out, but if she followed the serpent, she thought she could experience all that God was denying her.

Satan promised she would be transformed and be like a god. She would have incredible power and be able to make her own rules. Amazingly, Eve and then Adam were convinced by these deceptive arguments.

In similar ways, Satan continues to assault God’s people today. He particularly delights when he can deceive Believers. He wants us to think we’re missing out on pleasures and experiences God is depriving us of. He wants those things to seem so desirable that we are willing to do anything to have them—even if that means disobeying God.

How can we be prepared for these often-persuasive attacks?

First, we must make an unwavering commitment to God. This means being dedicated to knowing and obeying His Word. We must trust Him, confident that He is our Creator and that He desires to bless us with everything we need.

If you ever have doubts, talk to God about them. When you feel tempted, don’t hide or run away, but seek Him about the specific issues you face. And remember: Pray about every thought, idea, and temptation.