Missed Opportunities

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Jesus had just told the “parable of the talents.” He had described the consequences that awaited those who hide their talents and do not invest the resources they’ve been given. Such people are to be thrown “into the outer darkness,” a place filled with regret and sorrow.

Jesus said that, in this terrible place, there will be “weeping and gnashing of teeth.” People can look back at their lives and clearly see the opportunities and resources they were given—what they could have done—and they will weep because of their choices.

In this place of darkness, people will regret the sins they’ve committed. Also, as shown in the parable of the talents, many will realize that they had the wrong priorities.

Some will recognize that instead of seeking to be faithful with the resources they were given, they were afraid or worried about what other people might say. Others will realize that they were focused on world conditions and filled with excuses. Some will realize that they were distracted. Others will finally understand that they lived for moments that quickly were gone.

Jesus told us this story so we could think about these matters right now! We can focus on being faithful…today! We can seek to invest the resources we’ve been given…without delay! Instead of being concerned about temporary things, we can think about pleasing God and consider the eternal consequences of our actions.

Make sure that you never need to look back at your life with sorrow or regret. Ask God to help you focus on the right priorities. Always seek to serve Jesus. Always seek to be faithful to His call.