July 8, 2022

Misleading Leaders

Daily Devotional2 Minutes

“Your prophets have seen for you worthless and deceptive visions; and they have not exposed your wrongdoing so as to restore you from captivity, but they have seen for you worthless and misleading pronouncements.” Lamentations 2:14 NASB

Why had God’s people experienced judgment? Why had He removed His blessing? Why were they experiencing so many problems? One reason was the “worthless and deceptive visions” given by their prophets, ideas that encouraged people to drift away from God.

These leaders had misled the people with false ideas. They failed to set a godly standard and did not live according to His Word. Instead of being in tune with Him, they allowed corruption to spread. They failed to keep His ways. They read the wrong things, listened to the wrong messages, and believed the wrong ideas. Our world is filled with misleading leaders, people who may have political power but whose lives are not pleasing to God. They may be popular but aren’t concerned with eternal truths. They may be masters at manipulation but allow people to pursue the wrong paths. They do not recognize God’s standards. They ignore His Word.

Some may be well intentioned. But that is not enough. More than ever, we need leaders who seek God, who seek to please Him, and who are committed to living according to His principles.

Be alert to deception. Pray for the leaders of your country, your city, your church, and your business. Pray that they would submit their lives to God. Pray that they would please and serve Him. Pray that He would grant them His wisdom. Don’t give in to compromise. Stand firmly on the truths of His Word.

Reflection Question: Write a prayer for your country’s leaders to lead with godly wisdom.

Father, I pray for my country. Give us godly leaders, people who submit their lives to You. Help me to have Your wisdom. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Today's Bible Reading
Lamentations 2