The Miracle in the Desert

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

When God called Moses to the top of the mountain, He revealed a detailed pattern for the Tabernacle and its furniture. He wanted an ark specifically made of acacia wood to exacting dimensions, overlaid “with pure gold, inside and out,” and with “a gold molding around it.” It was to have four rings made of gold and poles made of acacia wood, also overlaid with gold (Exodus 25:9-13).

What must have gone through Moses’ mind? The Israelites had entered a wilderness, with no permanent home. They faced huge practical problems, such as finding food, shelter, and protection. Yet God was calling him to build a Tabernacle?

Moses decided to obey God. As a result, despite constant obstacles, the Tabernacle was completed exactly to God’s specifications. He showed His approval by filling the Tabernacle with His glory. His presence was so overwhelming that Moses wasn’t even able to enter.

God was demonstrating that He’s ready to bless those who obey Him and live according to His Word…who will not give in to compromise…and who have faith that He can perform miracles—even in a desert.

Today, no matter what you face, God is ready to perform miracles for you, just as He did for the Israelites in the wilderness. He is ready to demonstrate His supernatural power and reveal His glory…if you have the faith and courage to believe that His Word is true…if you will obey Him…if you will give of your resources to support His Kingdom…if you do things His way…if you commit your life, without reservation, to serving Him and pleasing Him.