Mighty Men Who Failed

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The heads of these families were “mighty men of strength of mind and spirit.” They were brave and courageous, and had been recognized for notable achievements. They were considered successful, and were widely praised and honored.

But the Bible reminds us that God had a different conclusion. These men may have been “mighty” in the eyes of the world, but they were failures in His sight. They “transgressed against Him” and “played the harlot,” actually worshiping false gods. To God, their accomplishments were meaningless, even damaging to His people. They wasted their efforts, pursuing wrong goals.

In fact, they were so repulsive to God that He stirred up the spirit of the Assyrian king who took many Israelites into exile. Thus, even though others honored these leaders, they actually led the people away from God and brought judgment to the nation. And He was not pleased with their choices.

Their impact also was felt throughout their families. As “heads of their father’s houses,” their misplaced priorities provided poor examples.

Many people today are like these men. On the outside, they may seem to be successful, and may be paraded as role models. They appear to do everything right. They win awards, and seem to be outstanding citizens. They may even appear to be fine Christians.

But the real question is how God looks at their lives. Have they been pleasing to Him? Have they been faithful with their resources? Have they served Him and accomplished His purposes?

Allow God to search your heart, mind, and reveal your priorities. Your standards. Your goals. Do not be like these “mighty men.” Make sure that you seek first God’s Kingdom, and that He is pleased with your life.