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Mercenaries. For centuries, the backbone of many armies. According to Encyclopedia Britannica, these “hired professional soldiers” would “fight for any state or nation without regard to political interests or issues.” They just wanted money and glory.

Military historian Bevin Alexander explains that throughout history, the armies of Europe “were largely mercenary.”

These “hired armies” were filled with cynical men, “the dregs of society.” They usually had no interest in any sense of patriotism, and didn’t care about the country. They just wanted to be rewarded.

But a change took place in the late eighteenth century, fueled in part by the French Revolution and the wars of Napoleon. As Britannica comments, his armies “spread the spirit of nationalism throughout Europe,” and then throughout the world.

Mercenaries were common during Bible times. Israel under David faced a mercenary army when “the sons of Ammon” hired “chariots and horsemen” from other countries. These were men paid to fight. But the Israelites were different. While mercenaries fought for money, glory, or fame, the army of Israel fought for their faith, for the generations to come, even for eternal consequences. They were motivated by their country, their families, their future, their homeland. Because of this motivation, they served with new levels of passion and commitment.

Today, many Christians approach life like mercenaries. More as observers than combatants. Without emotion or passion. Holding back. Not fully committed or engaging the enemy. But God wants us to live, fight, and serve with passion and radical commitment. To realize that we are His warriors. Soldiers in service to His Kingdom.

Don’t live passively but commit everything to serving God. Seek first His Kingdom. Don’t sit by silently but live for Christ. Fully committed. Passionately. With intensity.