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Sisyphus thought he was so smart. A memorable character from Greek mythology, Sisyphus was extraordinarily clever, called by Homer “the craftiest of men.”

One of his cleverest actions was delaying his death, living many years in defiance of the Greek gods. But he would pay for his defiance. He was condemned to spend eternity, endlessly rolling a massive boulder to the top of a steep hill. But, whenever he neared the top, the rock would roll right back down, and Sisyphus was forced to start his labor all over again.

This story was modernized by the French philosopher, Albert Camus, who used the fate of Sisyphus to illustrate what Camus called the “absurd.” Many people, he argued, live life like Sisyphus. Living with ruts and routines. Going through tasks, day after day, without relief. Perpetually repeating patterns that never lead anywhere.

Many people today have this same attitude. Feeling that their life has no meaning. The Bible even describes how we can see all things as being “full of weariness.” Nothing can seem to matter. But the Bible also reminds us that we find meaning from serving God. That He has created us with a purpose.

Today, remember that Jesus came to give you a life of abundant blessings (John 10:10). That God has plans for you, “plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope” (Jeremiah 29:11). To give your life purpose.

Trust your life to Him. Find meaning in Him.