Making Mothers Glad

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Independence—the desire to make our own decisions and rule our own lives. This is a common craving of youth. In the process, some young people come into conflict with their parents. Sometimes these conflicts extend long into adulthood, and the rifts in the parent-child relationship never are healed.

During the transition from childhood into adulthood, some become resentful. As infants, they may have depended on a mother’s care and nurture, but in adolescence, they become bitter about their mother’s ongoing concerns. They feel that their parents are meddling, restricting their freedoms, and preventing them from fulfilling their desires.

These tendencies are common, even among Believers. But the Bible describes a different kind of attitude we should have toward parents. We’re instructed to have an attitude based on love and gratitude, focusing less on ourselves and more on others.

We are encouraged to make our fathers and mothers glad. We are urged to “let her rejoice who gave birth to you.” This means looking for ways to make our mothers rejoice.

How does this take place? When we don’t focus on ourselves but are grateful for all they’ve done for us. Instead of dwelling on their imperfections, we should think about the sacrifices they have made and the struggles they have faced.

This is the kind of change that takes place when we make Jesus the Lord of every part of our lives. Our perspective is transformed when we die to self and live for Him…when we are filled with the Spirit…when we stop thinking about ourselves but seek to give, not just get…and when we find satisfaction and purpose in serving others.

Seek to apply these principles in your life. Let Jesus change you. Allow Him to heal any broken relationships. Let Him give you the joy of a thankful heart that eagerly shows appreciation rather than criticism. Seek to make others glad.