Make Your Decision

Make Your Decision

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration MinistriesJanuary 30, 20191 Minutes

How easily we can forget that Bible characters aren’t perfect but very human. This certainly applies to Jesus’ disciples. They had weaknesses and made mistakes. We see these traits when Jesus taught things that did not make sense to some. Unable to understand His message, they decided to stop following Him.

As these people departed, Jesus asked the remaining disciples what they would do. Peter did not pretend to understand everything Jesus said but realized that he needed Him. That He alone had “the words of eternal life.” That Jesus was the Christ. Peter still had questions but knew that he still needed Jesus.

Each of us must make decisions like this in our lives. There may be things about the Bible we may not understand. We may be puzzled by the way God is guiding us or about events He has allowed in our lives.

But we face the same choice Peter did. What is our standard for making decisions? Our own ideas? What makes sense to us? Or will we follow Jesus? Will we have the faith to trust Him, even when there are things we don’t understand?

What is your decision? Make a commitment to follow Jesus unconditionally. Make Him your Lord. Trust Him. Follow Him. Remember: He has “the words of eternal life.” As you commit your way to Him, He promises to direct your path.