Loving God’s Word

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

In the summer of 1603, King James VI of Scotland was on his way to London, where he also would become King James I of England. Clergy with Puritan convictions presented him with a petition of their grievances. James responded by holding a conference to hear what was “amiss in the church.”

During this conference, Dr. John Reynolds, the leader of the Puritans, argued that a new translation of the Bible was needed. The king agreed. This began the process that led to the development of the “Authorized Version” of the Bible, the translation often called the “King James Version.”

Reynolds was the ideal person to spearhead this effort, for he had devoted his life to studying the Bible in the original languages. Even though his health was failing, he threw himself into the translation work. Friends urged him not to study so hard, but he told them that the Word of God was too important; nothing would keep him from this project. Even while sick, he tirelessly committed himself to prayer and translation of the Scriptures.

On May 20, 1607, sensing the end was near, Reynolds said, “I die in the possession of that faith which I have taught all my life, with an assured hope of my salvation, only by the merits of Christ my Savior.” He died the next day.

Reynolds loved God’s Word, and knew that it could change lives. That same power is available for you today. Develop a profound love for the Word! Pour your heart into reading and studying the Bible. Apply it in your life. See how the Word will change you!