Love for the Lost

Love for the Lost

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

By his own admission, Adoniram Judson had lived a “wild, reckless life.” Born on this day in Massachusetts in 1788, he was raised in a Christian home, but in his youth he became an atheist. Then, suddenly, everything changed.

While staying in an inn, he listened with concern to the cries of a man in the room next door. The following morning, he learned that the man had died. He was shocked to discover that the man was a friend from college. Judson realized that the man was lost forever. But he realized that he, too, was lost. As a result, he gave his life to the Lord.

As he grew in his knowledge of the Lord, Judson became inspired by the message of Ephesians 3 and Christ’s love for the lost. The burden led him to become a missionary.

In 1812 he sailed for Burma, where he spent most of the rest of his life. When he arrived, there was not one known Christian in that land of millions. It took six years for the first convert, but his faithfulness bore fruit. When he died, a government survey indicated that there were 210,000 Christians!

Today, the world needs people like Adoniram Judson, who are motivated by God’s love, ready to share that commitment. Ask God to give you a burden for souls. Dedicate your life to serving His Kingdom.