Love for God’s Presence

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

For many people, life simply is about themselves. Their interests. Their pleasures. Their own agenda. The things they feel are important at the moment. Even believers can have this approach.

Those with attitudes like this can find it difficult to find time for God. For them, prayer is all about their personal interests and needs they face at the moment. They can find their minds wandering when they try to read the Bible. Even church attendance can seem like nothing but an obligation, or just an interruption in their schedule.

This Psalm is a reminder that some have a completely different perspective. In fact, it was written by a man who realized just how much he loved being in God’s presence. There was no sense of obligation. It was the joy of his life.

He believed that His dwelling place was lovely. The Psalmist fainted “with longing to enter the courts of the Lord.” When he was with God, he did not hold anything back, and shouted joyfully with his “whole being, body and soul.”

He knew that real happiness was reserved for those who “live in your house” and spend time with Him. Those who enter into this kind of relationship discover that He is eager to pour out spiritual, physical, emotional, and financial blessings.

Today, dare to focus on God. Make this a priority. Don’t let anything crowd Him out of your schedule. Spend quality time in His presence. Don’t be distracted by other interests. Read and study His Word. Foster a personal relationship with Him. And don’t be afraid to shout joyfully to Him. He is worthy of praise!