Looking into the Future

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

Robert Heinlein had an extensive vision for the future. He imagined what could take place – what breakthroughs would be discovered and what changes might be made. As one of the outstanding writers of his generation, he was articulate about the way he expressed his ideas.

Born in Missouri on this day in 1907, he became an important writer of science fiction, with works widely read in his lifetime and even after his death in 1988.

Like many science fiction writers, Heinlein had his own ideas about society and religion. He described many of the accepted ideas about God as ridiculous concepts and felt that most beliefs about sin were “invented nonsense.”

Because of his skill as a writer, Heinlein became influential, not just for his fiction but also for spreading his ideas. Many brilliant thinkers, like Heinlein, have given us their vision for the future and described their ideas about God and life. Yet over time, we can look back and see their flaws and limits.

The Bible reminds us that all human ideas have limits, for we all “see things imperfectly” (1 Corinthians 13:12). But God is different. Only He can tell us “the future before it even happens.” Everything He plans “will come to pass” (Isaiah 46:10) because He is God!

Make sure you trust in Him. Let His Word shape your thoughts and beliefs. Remember, He really knows the future.