Long-Term Strategies

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The public can be quick to honor charismatic leaders. Men and women who, in times of crisis, seize the moment and demonstrate unusual creativity and initiative. History tells of soldiers, displaying sparks of genius, who have turned defeat into victory. We think of men like Napoleon or Alexander the Great. Men who can seem almost larger-than-life. Even superhuman and invincible.

However, in his recent study of warfare, historian Cathal Nolan reminds us that the emphasis on commanders can blind us to even more important factors. It may be interesting to focus on single battles and heroic actions, but the fact is that “many who won hugely lopsided battles went on to lose the wars of which they were a part.”

Nolan reminds us that strategies that produce long-term results are more important, and why persistence and determination are crucial. These factors may seem less inspiring but ultimately they can be more decisive.

These principles also apply in our spiritual lives. We may rejoice in moments when we seem victorious. When we briefly triumph against temptations. When we make right decisions.

While celebrating short-term results, we must never forget that we are fighting a much bigger war, a war that goes on, even after brief battles. While rejoicing in momentary victories, we must never let down our defenses.

We always must remember that our enemy is shrewd. He watches for moments of weakness when we might be vulnerable. He is ready to pounce when we feel overconfident.

In your life, remember to stay vigilant. Be on guard against becoming overconfident. Seek long-term strategies that help you win the war. Remember how critical it is to be filled with the Spirit. To be armed with the power of the Word. To be guided by God Himself.