Living in Denial

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

A study released in June 2006 concluded that most state and local officials in America weren’t ready for emergencies. A Time Magazine report revealed that most individuals weren’t prepared either. As many as 91% of the population lived in places at a “moderate-to-high risk” of various disasters, and about half admitted “they had personally experienced a natural disaster or public emergency.” Yet only 16% said they were “very well prepared” for future disasters.

Why aren’t more people prepared? Eric Holdeman, director of emergency management for King County, Washington, commented that many simply live in denial.

Holdeman noted four stages of denial: “One is, it won’t happen. Two is, if it does happen, it won’t happen to me. Three: if it does happen to me, it won’t be that bad. And four: if it happens to me and it’s bad, there’s nothing I can do to stop it anyway.”

Many people have the same attitude toward the storms of life. They aren’t prepared to face death, disease, or disaster. And far worse, many aren’t ready for eternity. They don’t take seriously the fact that they’ll face God and give an account of their lives. In fact, Peter wrote that many simply deny the possibility that Jesus will come again. They are like the virgins who weren’t ready when the Bridegroom returned in the middle of the night (Matthew 25:1-12).

Today, make sure you’re prepared for the storms of life and for Jesus’ return. Commit your life to the Gospel so others might be ready too.