Living By Faith

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

In his youth, Paul demonstrated uncommon zeal for his “ancestral traditions,” even “beyond many of my contemporaries” (Galatians 1:14). He brought this same zeal to his Christian walk. However, Paul realized he couldn’t please God through his words and actions. He couldn’t experience the transforming, supernatural power of God as long as he was depending on his own strength and the things he said and did. The key was what Jesus had done for him and through him! He was called to a life of absolute surrender, complete dependence, and unquestioning submission.

Paul realized he had “been crucified with Christ.” He had experienced something unbelievable! Miraculous! What was it? “Christ lives in me.”

When Paul surrendered to Jesus, everything changed. His life was filled with joy and fulfillment, peace and victory, power and strength. His burdens and worries were taken away. He could allow Jesus to shape his life and direct his steps.

Ask yourself if you really have been crucified with Christ or if you are just engaged in a religion. Are you seeking to please God by doing good deeds, or have you made Jesus the Lord of your life? Are you still trying to control your own life, or are you living “by faith in the Son of God”?

Remember: Jesus died for you! He gave Himself up for you! Yield your life to Him. Let Him direct and shape your life.

Don’t carry your burdens any longer. Surrender everything to Him. Let Him guide you, lead you, and empower you. Live by faith in Him!