Little Foxes

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Foxes long have been symbols of cunning. Masters of disguise, these creatures can conceal their appearance and attack without warning.

The people of Israel knew all about foxes, because they frequently invaded the many vineyards throughout the land. Israel had a climate ideal for growing grapes, and farmers had to battle constantly against foxes. Many vineyard owners surrounded their fields with walls or a hedge. Yet they never could let down their guard, for clever foxes continued to attack, even digging tunnels.

The picture Solomon provides should remind us of the spiritual battles we constantly face. The world is filled with people, temptations, and even pleasures that can invade and attack, just like those foxes.

Solomon specifically warned against “little” foxes. The Hebrew word here emphasizes the danger posed by things which are obvious, but seemingly unimportant, small, and insignificant. These “little foxes” can do a lot of damage.

Often the greatest dangers we face are not from things that appear menacing, but things that seem small and insignificant—habits that seem innocent…temptations that seem minor, but which can captivate us and destroy our lives…the wrong kind of relationships…places we go and things we casually do.

What is the solution? We must “catch” these foxes. The Hebrew word indicates the need to take aggressive action. If we just sit by passively, we allow the devil to have his way with our hearts and minds. Bad habits can develop, and small problems can become big problems. Instead, we must attack!

Remember: You are in a spiritual battle. Your enemy will attack you, directly and indirectly, in obvious ways and subtle ways. Be on guard, particularly against the “little foxes.” Go on the offensive!