Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

How do you feel when other people ignore you when you talk with them? How do you think God reacts when this happens to Him? He told Jeremiah that this happens often.

Refusing to listen, His people even turned their backs on Him. When He told them how to be blessed, they chose to go their own way. Instead of paying attention to His warnings, they ignored Him. Yet, facing trouble, they cried for help, expecting Him to save them!

Like His people of old, it can be easy to turn to God when we have needs. But so often we call on Him after the damage is done. If we would but listen we might be aware of His warnings, and know how to be prepared. We would be armed for victory.

Today, know that God is with you. He wants to guide you. To help you avoid mistakes and live a victorious life. To show you deeper truths through His Word. To teach you through His Holy Spirit. To protect you from danger.

But, to receive these blessings, you need to listen to Him. This means humbling yourself before Him. Being quiet in His presence. Spending time with Him away from the distractions of life. And knowing His Word.

Put these principles into practice. When you pray, don’t talk at God, but really listen to Him. Fellowship with Him.

Get apart from the noise of the world. Focus on Him. Let Him refresh you and give you His peace. Ask Him to open your spiritual eyes and give you greater discernment. Seek His wisdom and insight into current events, and how you should live. And let Him change you and make you more like Jesus.