Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

God had spoken His Word. Year after year, He reminded His people of the right way to live, and the many reasons why they should do things His way. Yet they might think their own ideas were best. That they should be most concerned about their personal pleasures or doing what seemed popular.

While having the right to make these choices, they also needed to realize the consequences of rejecting God’s Word. He had promised countless blessings if they obeyed Him, for He had designed a lifestyle that would lead to a prosperous life.

But if they went their own way, they never could receive His fullest blessings. In fact, rejecting His Word would lead to certain “curses.” As the Law demonstrated, these “curses” could be very practical in nature.

Deuteronomy warned that people would feel frustrated and confused. They would experience sickness and other health issues. Their crops would not grow to their full potential. They would be defeated in their confrontations, and not have God’s protection or support. They would be denied the pleasures God desired for them. These all were consequences of going their own way.

In contrast, the key to blessing, freedom, and fulfillment was listening to God, then obeying His Word. It meant living for Him. And He gave this same message to Malachi.

In your life, seek to be more attentive to God’s Word. Don’t allow your mind to wander. Listen. Seek to understand. Then put His Word into practice.