Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The opening words of Isaiah’s book provide important truths about God and His relationship with people.

First, we read that God “speaks.” Some think that He only spoke in the past but has become silent. That He no longer “speaks.” In Isaiah’s time, many simply refused to believe that He could speak to them, as individuals.

But Isaiah learned that He speaks just like any person. He spoke during Isaiah’s time, and He continues to speak today. However, the fact is that many people aren’t listening when He speaks. His cry was that people would listen to Him. They would be sensitive to His voice and not cut Him out of their lives.

He looked at His own people, fully aware that He had so much to say to them. He wanted to protect and guide them. To teach them and bless their lives. Even oxen understood the same principle, and knew the voice of their owners. Even donkeys recognized the sound of their masters. But His own people did not realize that He had been trying to communicate to them.

As Isaiah’s ministry was to confirm, those sensitive to hear from God can receive amazing things. Because he continually listened, Isaiah gained insights about His Word. God opened his eyes to see events unfold that no one else could see. He gave him supernatural wisdom and understanding and knowledge far beyond his natural abilities.

Can God say the same things about you? Do you realize that He still speaks, or have you closed your ears to His voice? Are you giving Him the opportunity to speak to you? Are you sensitive? Are you listening?