Listen and Tell Others

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The book of Joel opens with two commands. The first message declared the importance of listening to God. But, to Him, that wasn’t enough. The second command focused on His desire that His people tell others what they had heard.

This two-fold emphasis suggests that there had been times when God’s people had not listened carefully. When they had been preoccupied or interpreted His words in their own way.

God knew how easily they could be distracted by the opinions of other people, and their own ideas. Joel provided a reminder why His Word was important. It was to be their guide, to show them the way. To warn them and provide their standards. To give them discernment.

But hearing was not enough. His people had a responsibility to obey. To share His Word.

These messages were to be told and repeated, not just to the people of Joel’s time but also to future generations. For God’s Word always is true. For all time periods and all people.

These messages remain true for us. Through these prophecies, we see the perpetual importance of listening. Of being people of prayer. Being sensitive to His Spirit. Knowing God’s Word, and paying attention to His promises, His warnings, His principles. But also remembering the importance of obedience. Serving Him. Being His witnesses.

Today, as in Joel’s time, God looks for people who listen. Who pay attention to His Word and are sensitive to His Spirit. Who respond as He directs. Who listen to His voice and are careful to obey Him. Who are serious about their relationship with Him. Who are committed to be His servants. His instruments.