Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Joseph had been elevated to the pinnacle of power in Egypt. Operating within the parameters established by Pharaoh, he had vast authority. He could gather and distribute grain as he felt necessary.

Yet Joseph never forgot the limits of his power and authority. He was aware of what he was allowed to do, but also sensitive to when he needed Pharaoh’s approval. We see this understanding after the death of his father, for Joseph knew he must seek Pharaoh’s approval for the action he wanted to take.

In fact, we might conclude that Joseph’s sensitivity to this issue was a key reason why Pharaoh trusted him and was willing to give him so much authority. Pharaoh knew that Joseph would act within the boundaries he had been given. Although he would act with confidence and conviction in areas in which he had been trusted, Joseph would not exceed this authority.

Joseph’s life illustrates the importance of submission to authority. This applies to everyone, even leaders. But the Biblical principle is that those who are under authority are the ones with real power. Why? Because they understand that all authority is limited and delegated.

The centurion who approached Jesus about his slave understood this principle (Luke 7:1-10). He told Jesus that he understood what it meant to be under authority. He recognized that Jesus had authority over demons and diseases, and that He simply had to speak a word in order to make things happen. Jesus responded that “not even in Israel have I found such great faith.”

Today, make sure you have submitted everything in your life to God. Humble yourself before Him. And seek to have a Godly attitude, being faithful in everything you do. Demonstrate that you are trustworthy and dependable, a good testimony for God’s Kingdom.