A Life Open Before God

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

The calendar of an influential record company executive was packed, and he faced a constant stream of questions: What music to record? What artists to sign? How much to pay for talent? What should be scheduled, and when? At times he could be decisive. But he had a fascinating way of dealing with issues he didn’t want to face.

As he opened his mail, he placed anything he did not wish to acknowledge in a cupboard which he kept locked. To him, anything in that cupboard was locked away. It was as if it had never existed.

Many people have the same attitude toward their lives. They stay busy with work and home, pleasures and escapes. But they never really stop to think about the important issues of life. They seem reluctant to open their minds and hearts to the penetrating work of the Holy Spirit. And they fail to “look closely into the perfect law,” which is God’s Word.

James said such people deceive themselves. Although they may think they are pleasing God, they are blind to the true condition of their hearts.

In your life, don’t be blind or deceived. Don’t be so busy that you never deal with the important issues of life. Be serious about seeking God. Don’t just read and study His Word, but put it into practice. And be sensitive to His Spirit, listening and changing as He leads.