Letting the World Shape Our Lives

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

“Women came out of each Israelite town to welcome King Saul. . .They sang: Saul has killed a thousand enemies; David has killed ten thousand enemies! This song made Saul very angry, and he thought, ‘They are saying that David has killed ten times more enemies than I ever did. Next they will want to make him king.’ Saul never again trusted David.” 1 Samuel 18:6-9 CEV

For Saul, everything seemed fine. He was king of Israel and seemed secure on his throne. His armies had been victorious in battle. But, for him, everything changed when he heard the women sing a song that praised David. In that moment, the spotlight shined on David. Suddenly, David seemed like a rival, and Saul became worried, afraid, insecure, and jealous.

Yet, in reality, nothing had changed. Saul still was king. David was not even contemplating a rebellion. In fact, this song was sung “to welcome King Saul.” There was no crisis, except in his own mind. David was not a rival, as he imagined. Through his reaction to circumstances, Saul had created a crisis, and changed the course of his kingship and his life forever.

It can be easy for any of us to react like Saul to situations in our lives. We can find ourselves focused on what other people say or do. Or letting our lives be dominated by events in the world. By songs or TV programs. Rumors or opinions. If we are not careful, like Saul, we can let this world rule our lives.

Today, don’t let the changing circumstances of this world control your life. Be more concerned with pleasing God than in the opinions of other people. Seek first His Kingdom. Die to self and declare that Jesus is your Lord. Seek to do His will. Fill your mind with His promises. And make His Word the foundation of your life.


Prayer: Father, help me to depend upon You and not allow circumstances or the opinions of other people influence my attitude. Give me Your wisdom and guide me. Thank You. In Jesus’ name. Amen.