Learning Experiences

Learning Experiences

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Eventually Frederick “the Great” would become one of the most effective leaders of his time. As King of Prussia from 1740 to 1786, he was considered a military genius. However, had history judged him by his initial efforts, Frederick could have been seen as a failure.

In 1741, Prussian troops under his leadership met the Austrian army in Silesia. The battle looked so discouraging that Frederick fled the ground, afraid of being captured. Yet his army saved the day, rallying for victory.

This could have been a devastating event. But Frederick learned important lessons, and eventually established himself as a great commander. Under his leadership, Prussia doubled in size and became a major European power.

Many people go into the challenges of life with high expectations, only to react with fear or uncertainty. Others experience complete failure and give up. But some, like Frederick, learn from their defeats and emerge as wiser, stronger, and better leaders.

The same principles apply in our spiritual lives. We should not be surprised if we fall short. If we experience doubts and fears. If we disappoint ourselves and others. If we run away. Some, like the ancient Israelites, go into life overconfident and experience initial defeat. However, like those Israelites, some allow God to use their defeats to bring them victory.

If you ever experience defeat or disappointment, turn to God. Ask Him what lessons you need to learn and how He can turn defeat into victory.