Leaders Who Don’t Know God

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Recently, a professor of religion at a major university confessed that he no longer believed in God. He claimed to have been “born again” as a teenager, so devout that he memorized entire books of the Bible. Here was a man with a special calling. But he had come to reject Christianity and now felt compelled to proclaim his new “truth.” Although an atheist, he still is considered an “expert” on religion, ready to use his position to shape lives…away from God.

His story reminds us of the sons of Eli. As priests, they had a special calling to be religious leaders, teachers, and counselors. They were men set apart for ministry, chosen to speak for God. Yet they proved unworthy of this office, taking advantage of their position for personal pleasure and gain, and abusing their privileges.

Instead of truly being spiritual leaders, they were “worthless” men who didn’t even know God! They rejected the important trust they’d been given. Eventually, they were judged, but in the meantime, they shattered many lives.

We can look back throughout history and see many influential people, including many religious leaders, more interested in personal pleasures and spreading their own ideas than in serving God. This is true even today. Many celebrities, authors, and so-called “experts” (like religion professors) claim to have the answers. However, even though they may speak clever words and appear religious, this doesn’t mean they have a genuine ministry from God.

Today, be warned! You are in a real war. The enemy is all around you, sowing doubt and confusion. Make sure that you know God personally and intimately. Keep alert for deception. Be careful who you listen to, and test everything you hear according to God’s Word.